Own your journey into menopause and beyond

Daily actionable wellness based on your unique biology. So you can feel your best self.

An evidence-based approach to help you thrive

Khyria is based on a scientifically proven method that has already delivered results for 1000s of women and is used by leading health experts in clinics nationwide.

Validation of the Menopause Transition Scale (MTS©)

Be deliberate about your wellbeing - Starting now

Illustration showing a woman meditating

Build healthier smarter habits

Tools to create and stick to habits that fit around your life and help boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Experience progress

Reach small goals leading to noticeable change in a short time with a proven method that helps reduce your symptoms.

Illustration of a woman holding her foot

Achieve long-term health

Get dynamic action prompts based on your data, reducing the risk of chronic disease. Khyria will adapt to your needs as you age.

Bitner, Diana L., and Robert A. Wild. "Clinical intervention to reduce central obesity and menopausal symptoms in women aged 35 to 55 years." Menopause 21.9 (2014): 975-981.

A one-stop solution built by experts 

Screenshot of the home screen of the Khyria appMobile phone mockup

 Access your personal toolkit

Get curated insights and actionable tips just for you, based on your symptoms and priorities each week.

Get responsive real-time advice

Monitoring of your physiological patterns through wearable and smart devices informs your daily feed.

Screenshot of the Khyria appMobile phone mockup

Understand your body & its signals

Track your overall health and progress towards specific goals with instant health metrics and insights.

You can connect your own device! Khyria currently supports any device that connects with HealthKit such as Apple Watch, Garmin, and more. If you don’t own any of these devices and you want to try Khyria, please send us an email at team@khyria.com to walk you through the options. 

Meet the Team behind Khyria

Khyria is a multidisciplinary team of experts specializing in women’s health and technology. Our mission is to give women access to validated solutions that improve their physical health and mental wellbeing, during menopause and beyond. We’re set on closing the data gap on female health and aging and improve long-term chronic disease outcomes.


Co-founder & CEO

Dr. Diana

Co-founder & CMO


Co-foundeR & COO

Our Advisors

Khyria's development has been powerfully supported and validated by the extensive experience of our advisory board. Our advisors are experts in the fields of women's health, menopause, weight management, and nutrition and have worked in distinguished institutes and women's health clinics.

Jim Simon MD

SENIOR Medical AdvisoR,
menopause & sexual health

We need to empower women to be a part of their own wellness, disease prevention, treatment, and recovery. Khyria is combining science and technology by giving women the knowledge, data, tools, and self-determination to have an active role in optimizing their health to prevent cardiovascular and other chronic diseases in midlife and beyond.

Celia Egan MD

Medical Advisor,
obesity medicine & Metabolic health

Listening to each woman's needs and guiding them to reach their personal goals is a key to successful and prompt outcomes. As an Internal Medicine practitioner with a special focus on metabolic health and hormonal balance, I am excited to see Khyria placing women in the forefront, bridging the data gap, and creating a unique program for each woman that will make them feel seen and understood, give them agency in making smart decisions and lead to their long-term behavior changes and, of course, results.

Andrea Olsson


Khyria will replace frustrating trial-and-error approaches to serve women curated insights and actions that are responsive to their unique circumstances and fit around their lives. It’s about providing clarity with brevity and precision and making the journey to improved health and wellness a joyful experience.

We are building the next generation of menopause solutions to improve women’s experience and outcomes in midlife and beyond. By leveraging cutting-edge science, empathy, and data insights, we ultimately aim to enhance female potential, improve women’s lives, and their impact across the world.

Get early access to Khyria

We are currently in private beta for a small number of participants. Sign up to get early access to Khyria and get a step closer to becoming the best version of yourself.

For Healthcare Professionals

At Khyria we asprire to work alongside you to serve your patients in perimenopause and menopause so your appointments can be efficient, solution-driven, patient-centric and lead to better outcomes.

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